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A Tribute to Tracy & Alec

Tracy started off racing when he was in his early 20's. His first race sled was a 76 Rupp magnum 340. This model sled has always been his favorite model. He ran in the stock class and soon set his sites on faster sleds. He then purchased a 440 Mercury Sno Twister which he also raced in the stock class for a couple of years. His next sled was a 77 Ski Doo Blizzard Pro Stocker. His need for speed grew and his sight were always set for the open mod class. Soon he sold the Pro Stocker to purchace a 440 open mod. He had great success with this sled for about three years. He worked as a auto body technician, and then a body shop near by came up for sale. After much thought, he bought the shop, but had to sell his open mod to come up with the down payment on the shop. He missed a year of racing to get the shop on its feet. His love for the sport drew him into building a newer 440 and a 600 open mod. He had great sucess with these two sleds. He also holds a few ET records over at the World Series.  Two sleds were not enough so a 800 was purchased, along with a 500 and a 1000 open mod a couple years after that. 


Later model sleds started to die off and the entries soon dropped at many races. He always said, "Just watch, Vintage sleds will make a come back, just like muscle cars have."  He then started to incorperate vintage classes into the modern classes with MSDRS. It wasn't long after that the vintage ice drags became what they are today. He enjoyed racing older sleds vs. newer one's because he loved taking a motor that no one else had luck with and making it a contender. 


In his later years of racing, it was the friendships and relationships he had with other people in the sport that I think he enjoyed more so than the racing itself. He loved finding a part that a fellow vintage guy was looking for. His focus was starting to turn to his two sons and the enjoyment he had getting them into the sport. I often wonder what would have become of Alec and his Dad after many years of racing together. 


It is our pleasure to keep this race alive along with the spirits of Tracy and Alec. 

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